“Amen!” or “Oh, Me!”?

“Amen!” … or “Oh, Me! I could write a book about church fights I mediated (or instigated) Chapter 1 – Change of worship time … Chapter 2- Install a PowerPoint projector in the sanctuary … 3- Launch any building project … 4-Clean out and toss all the junk in an unused classroom and destroy the sacred table decorations stored for the annual Ladies Mission Society … 5. Give the choir “constructive criticism” on the length of their Christmas Cantata …

Asbestos Vestments,

Pastor Jim


When I run out of resources for a desired outcome, I “Impervise”!

Considering churches facing shortfalls of people and and resources, the church needs more leaders with the calling to Impervise. Impervise is a newly discovered spiritual gift that emerged by necessity in 2021, ranking right behind pastor, prophet, and teacher.

A special thanks to Austin Ross and his welding Youtube channel for reminding me of expressions I heard while in seminary in Texas.