Pregnancy Care Centers of Chandler & Gilbert, Arizona

Interview with Mary BAxter, Executive director

In light of the late term abortion issue in New York, I went in search of the best resource to help with an unplanned pregnancy. Christians Need to Know interviewed Mary Baxter, Executive Director of Pregnancy Care Centers of Chandler and Gilbert. Easy to talk theory, but PCC is a present help –

As a senior pastor of three churches and executive pastor of a fourth, I’ve learned … pastors are not good at everything! When the phone rings and a church member wants to talk with you about an unplanned pregnancy, this is not the time to give advice but a referral to those who can help. I wince as I think back to those Sundays we failed on sensitivity to women’s issues. On some Mother’s Days, we would present roses to the oldest mother (please stand up!), the mother with the most children, the youngest mother? What about the mother with the unplanned pregnancy? The miscarriage?

The Pregnancy Care Centers of Chandler and Gilbert, Arizona, provides a gentle “Rose of Sharon” ministry” to women who need a present help in a time of unplanned pregnancy. You are not alone! – Pastor Jim

The Rose of Sharon