Prayer for Uncertain Times

Learn how to pray like the Apostle Paul when facing uncertain times. St. Paul, quarantined under house arrest, gave us a map to discover power in prayer and tap into the power of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

*The Sun Valley Motel (1952) shown in the video was owned by my grandparents and was where my father returned to Phoenix in 1947. It was there also I was taken after my birth at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Behind the scenes, my grandson, Jaden (12), operated the video camera. This was about take six as he would stop the camera as I tried to explain to let it record without stopping and I would edit it later. Some of my smiling was related to his antics.

God’s Continuity Plan – Ephesians Session 2

Today on Christians Need to Know. Session 2 on Ephesians: Let’s walk together in unity so we can work together as the body of Christ. Does God really call us to build monstrous public venues destined to become the next “Lost City of Z”? Through the Apostle Paul, God shows us the continuity plan for the church, which does not embrace “big business church plant” Atlas model found in the US.

“One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism”

The mind of a US senior pastor before Sunday Services …