Church in Place: A response to the coronavirus

The church in the US is built on a “come and pray” model. With the outbreak of the coronavirus and the aging of the US church population, Pastor Jim discusses the need to build a “Church in Place: Stay and Pray” model that allows church members to stay active in the local church ministry during times of isolation or illness.

Church in Place

Next week, we will discuss how the spread of the Christianity through Asia Minor and on to Europe, gave a “continuity plan” to the Christian church as Titus destroyed Jerusalem in AD 70 accompanied by decades of Roman persecution of Christians and Jewish believers alike.

Today while visiting the Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church, the pastor morphed the traditional Passing the Peace handshakes with "elbow bumps" and "knuckle crunches."  Sanctified, along with wafers and the cup, the stations of the hand sanitizers. "May the Lord bless you and sanitize you."

Christians Need to Know – VBlog setup

The Malaise of PTO Days

Those who think the US workplace is safe from coronavirus have never sat across the cubicle from a flu stricken coworker out of PTO days. 

During my years of cubicle exile, my desk has been a magnet to attract loud talkers, big sneezers and “Boy am I sick, but I used all my PTO going to Cabo! (Hack, coooough, blow)” Apparently the virus has not clicked “read and agreed” to the HR manual.